We Have Seen the Lord

Mary Magdalene went and announced to the disciples, "I have seen the Lord"; and she told them that he had said these things to her.- John 20

Dear friends-
Holy Week has passed - is passing, as I write this - with me spending a great part of my time working to find care and healing for a beloved member of my family. This has meant a few things; first, that I haven't really figured out how to use this new way of sending these messages; and second, that I have not spent a lot of time doing the things one might imagine a pastor doing during this astonishing week in the life of the Christian faith.

Because this beloved family member is in need of the kind of care that we are no longer been able to provide, it felt as if I didn't have time for Holy Week. Except that it has been a Holy Week, in ways I'm only beginning to understand.

its been a time of memory. It's been a time of no small amount of sorrow and even dread - not solely for me, of course, but for all who love this beloved soul..

And, in a surprisingly holy way, this way of spending this time  has reminded me that, "We have seen the Lord", as Mary reported to her friends - Jesus' friends - as she returned from the empty tomb.

Time spent with doctors, nurses,friends and family, and with people sitting in the ER with their own emergencies, has felt, in some ways, as it might have felt for Jesus and his compatriots. Ragged, confusing, and deeply holy. Sometimes it's felt as if Jesus might be gone. But, even when it felt that way, it wasn't true. He kept returning.

I guess that's the joyous story of Easter. let's share that blessed truth together. Sing as one of us. Pray as one of us. Place flowers in the empty, defeated cross as one of us.

Such a sacred time. More so when you are part of it. Easter Sunrise service at 6:30 AM on Echo Hill in East Craftsbury. worship at the Church on the Common at 10 AM.

Are you ready to say Hallelujah? By god, I am.

Easter Sabbath blessings-