Holy Humor Sunday

This Sunday is Holy Humor Sunday. We invite everyone to join us for fun and laughter. You are welcome to dress in something silly to join in the fun, but don't feel you have to. If you look in the mirror and it makes you smile or giggle, it's perfect for our Sunday gathering. We will be talking about why God wants us to be joyful and how we sometimes take life a little too seriously. Craftsbury has had its fill of losses of special people this last year. We could use a little cheering up. Life can seem a little overwhelming and gloomy. But we have the love of God and the support of each other to get us through. Let's celebrate with a little fun and be on the lighter side for a while.

Our Summer Sunday Activities are filling in! Thanks to our fabulous volunteer leaders. Come join us for the fun!

*June 9th Carole Young and Diane Sanville will be singing with the kids.

*July 16th Emily Diaz will be leading the children in a nature journaling hike with journals to take home with them.

*July 23rd Barb Strong will be making pretzels with the kids and talking about Jesus as the Bread of Life

*July 30th is our Blessing of the Animals. Everyone is invited to bring your pet in person if they get along well with others or a picture. Those who are house trained are invited into the sanctuary. Those who are too big or rowdy and meet us outside for blessings at the end of the service around 11:00. Also, Perry and Rick Thomas will be bringing a team of oxen and talking about how to train and drive oxen.

Hope you can come for one or all of the Sundays and enjoy the activities. Worship is at 10:00 and children activities follow children's time in the service. See you soon!
Pastor Kim

P.S. I am beginning visits around town to get to know folks. I am available Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons and evenings. Please contact me by phone 802-535-4757 or email mamaof3.larose@gmail.com to set a convenient time for you. We can meet anywhere in town, go for a walk, or just talk at the church or in your home. No entertaining or food necessary! I would love to spend time getting to know you and your story and letting you get to know me better.