Here is an excerpt from this week's meditation. "When you forgive another you are also making a conscious choice to decentralize the impact of that hurt in your life. You move the pain away from the core of who you are. It no longer defines you. You will not give the hurt the power to govern your life like it did before. Forgiveness takes time. Be patient with the process and ask for God’s help all along the way. This process takes effort, energy and determination. But it will have a powerful impact on your inner peace and happiness. Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself, your world and the person who needs to be forgiven, even if at first they don’t seem to appreciate it. If you need inspiration to take on this challenge, look to Christ the greatest model of forgiveness the world has ever known. It is in God’s forgiveness of us that we discover true freedom and true healing." Join us for Sunday worship at 10:00 where we will contemplate the power of forgiveness to bring joy and peace. We also have the musical talents of Ned Houston and Don Houghton to uplift our spirits. All are welcome! Come on in!