Baptism of Jesus

Dear Friends in Christ,


This week in our worship service we recall the baptism of Jesus. This may bring back memories of your own baptism or perhaps you were too young to remember it beyond pictures or stories. Maybe you haven't been baptized yet. No matter what your experience or where you are in your spiritual journey water can be a powerful symbol of purity, cleansing, and a life giving resource. We use water in our daily life to clean, to wash away, to restore, renew, and revive. Water is a symbol of life. Jesus said he was the water of life. The kind that would never leave us thirsty again. In the scripture story of Jesus' baptism we see a strong connection between Jesus and God in that moment and a reminder of God's love for his beloved child. We are each a beloved child of God. Join us for worship this week and be reminded of how loved and special you are.

Love, peace and joy,
Pastor Kim