What Does God Call Us To Do And How Can We Find The Strength To Respond In Faith?

Dear Friends in Christ,
Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you felt you should stand up for someone being mistreated or speak out when you see an injustice occurring, but lost courage and confidence and regretted it later? I bet it's happened to all of us. Part of being a faithful Christian is overcoming fears enough to serve God with our words and actions that help show love and compassion for others. There are many in the bible who model that for us. If God calls us to it, God will see us through it. We will be contemplating this in our service this week. What does God call us to do and how can we find the strength to respond in faith? Come join us for singing, prayer, scripture, and meditation as we nurture our bond with Christ together as a faith family. All are welcome!

Next Saturday we are taking a team from our church to a Vitality Event sponsored by the Vermont Conference in Springfield VT. We will be riding together in a van graciously loaned to us by the Craftsbury Outdoor Center. At this event we will learn strategies for growing our church congregation, reaching younger populations, and becoming more active in the community. We will be forming an action plan for the near future to enhance our mission and ministry in the community. You are welcome to join us if you have an interest in being part of planning for the future of our church. Call Pastor Kim 535-4757 or email @mamaof3.larose@gmail.com if you are interested. The team leaves at 6:30 Saturday morning and returns at 6:30 that evening. 

Donations of canned and boxed goods or paper products are welcome to be brought to our sanctuary any time and we will transport them to the food pantry in Hardwick. Thank you for sharing generously toward a good cause!

Pastor Kim