Our Members

Anyone who wishes to be an active part of our worshiping family is welcome to be a part of it, simply by being so. Those who wish may join formally as 'official' members. Should this interest you, please feel free to be in touch with the pastor or any of the Deacons or Council members listed below. 


Staff and Elected Committee Officers

Pastor:   Kim Larose (802) 535-4757

Pastor Emeritus: Rev. Arnold Brown 

Church Secretary: Michelle Warren 586-9632 (warrensvt@gmail.com)

Sexton: Emily & Cody Thompson 586-9090

Organist/Director of Music: Sandaylyn Chadwick 754-6694

Moderator: Andrew Moffatt 586-2248 (term ends 2018)

Clerk: Jim Flint  586-9127 (term ends 2018)

Treasurer: Michelle Warren 586-9632 (term ends 2018) 

Assistant Treasurer: Cheryl Bailey 586-9675 (term ends 2018)

Auditor:  Carolyn Ryan 586-2834 (term ends 2018)


  • Debbie & Steve Hill 472-5988(term ends 2018)
  • Heather Masse 586-2812 (term ends 2019)
  • Paula & Marcel Masse 586-2857 (term ends 2018)
  • Andy Moffatt 586-2248 (term ends 2019)
  • Betty Morrison 586-2560 (term ends 2018)
  • Joan Simmons 586-2854 (term ends 2019)
  • Valerie Smith 586-2859 (term ends 2019)
  • Dorick Tallman 888-2894 (term ends 2017)
  • Perry Thomas (term ends 2020)

Memorial Committee:

  • Rachel Farrar (term ends 2017)
  • Jim Flint (treasurer)  586-9127
  • Diane Sanville (chair) 586-9642 (term ends 2018)

Religious Education & Music Committee:

  • Barbara Flint  
  • Amelia Fritz 
  • Barb Strong (chair) 586-2516 (term ends 2020)
  • Emily Thompson 586-9090 (term ends 2019)
  • Carole Young 525-3149 (term ends 2018)


  • Richard Bailey 586-9675 (term ends 2017)
  • Corey Jones 586-7559 (terem ends 2020)
  • Ned Houston 586-2873 (term ends 2018)
  • Clyde Simmons 586-2854 (term ends 2019)
  • Steve Smith 586-2859 (term ends 2019)
  • Cory Thompson 586-9090 (term ends 2018)

Other Contact Members:

  • Horse & Buggy Club: Paula Masse 586-2857
  • Ladies' Union: Lois Charron 586-9674
  • Prayer Circle: Norma Waterhouse 586-2285

Meeting Dates:

  • Church Council meets January, March, May, July, September and November on fourth Tuesday at 7 PM.
  • Deacons meet second Tuesday of month at 7 PM
  • Trustees & RE Committees meet at the discretion of the Chair
  • Ladies' Union meets on the second Thursday of the month at noon October through May
  • Horse & Buggy Club meets the second Saturday of the month at Noon September through May
  • Choir practice 9 AM Sundays

Church Groups:

Ladies Union:
The Ladies’ Union meets on the 2nd Thursday of September, October, November, December, March, April and May for a noon-time “pot luck” meal followed by a short business meeting or a program.  It was formed in 1963 when the Methodist and the Congregational churches became the United Church of Craftsbury; the two long-existing women’s service groups of each, the Willing Workers and the Earnest Workers, respectively, combined to form the Ladies’ Union.  Over the years the group has enjoyed an ecumenical aura with members representing not just Protestant denominations, but Roman Catholic, Jewish, and other beliefs as well.

While its primary focus is helping to support the “Church on the Common” by making a substantial contribution to the church’s annual budget, the Ladies’ Union also assists missions, individuals or institutions in crisis/emergency circumstances, and other church, individual or community-oriented special projects.  As an example, in 2012, the Ladies’ Union $5,000 pledge enabled the Trustees to initiate installation of a new elevator in the church.  The group also contributes many womanpower hours to church efforts such as cleaning the kitchen, class- and ante-rooms.  Generous bequests, prudently invested and judiciously applied, form the Ladies’ Union fiscal base, supplemented by its highly successful annual summer yard sale and flea market, which last year netted over $2000.

This congenial group of mostly senior, universally friendly women always welcomes anyone (including men!) looking for a tasty meal and a sociable couple of hours on a Thursday.  Please join us!

Prayer Circle
Our Prayer Circle has taken for its Christian task the joyous, yet sometimes difficult work of praying with intention for people within our church family and beyond who are in particular need of God’s presence in their lives, whether because of illness, loss of loved one, or any other spiritual need.