On May 20, 2012, the members of the United Church of Craftsbury voted unanimously to become an Open and Affirming (ONA) Congregation. This specific phrase, adopted by the United Church of Christ, means that we have committed ourselves to the full and free embrace and inclusion of those of different sexual orientations in the life and faith of this church. Our formal statement as an ONA church follows:

 United Church of Craftsbury Open and Affirming Statement

Because we believe that love is a unifying and strengthening force and because we strive for justice and equality for all people in their life and journey of faith:

We the Members of the United Church of Craftsbury hereby declare ourselves an Open and Affirming Christian community.

We welcome all people to enter into the full life and ministry of our church family.

We welcome all sexual orientations including gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual persons.

We welcome persons of every age, gender, race, national origin, faith background and marital status.

We welcome all persons regardless of their mental and physical ability, economic and social status, and educational background.

                                                                                                                Adopted by the Craftsbury United Church of Christ
                                                                                                                May 20, 2012